Pk lux + Energy of Life + KPA

On the 05.05.2019 the Synergy a.s.b.l. invited the KPA, PKLux and Energy Of Life to the LUXEXPO. It was the first time all three Parkour clubs in Luxembourg would meet. People could visit the event to just watch a show or to even participate in a workshop. It was a great experience, yogis, parkour athletes, […]

KPA @Steelrun


Mika, Ben, David, Carlo, Jerry and Yannick participated at the Steelrun in Differdange, representing the Kaizen Parkour Academy on their t-shirts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJpyoD2LfaA Before the Run: After the Run:

We Jump The World 2019


Every year on the 29th of April, the whole Parkour and Freerunning community celebrates movement together. On this day, everywhere on the planet people are training and enjoying the art of motion. Of course the coaches of the KPA were present at the local parkourpark. They trained together with Ed Scott, Kie Willis, Lynn Jung […]