Our Training

Our Training - Levels & Schedules

(A),(B) are the defined Groups. 

For newcomers, we offer 2 free trials! You don’t need to register for the Free trials! But please send us first an e-mail!

We do not accept children under 8 years (No exception)

Training this week


26/30 Registration
98 Season
  • (A) Saturday 10:00-11:00
  • (B) Saturday 11:15-12:15
8 - 10 years


36/44 Registration
154 Season
  • (A) Tuesday 18:00-19:30
  • (B) Friday 18:00-19:30
  • (A) Saturday 16:00-17:30
  • (B) Saturday 17:45-19:15


25/35 Registration
154 Season
  • Tuesday 19:45-21:15
  • Saturday 19:30-21:00


14/25 Registration
154 Season
  • Friday 19:45-21:15
  • Sunday 10:00-11:30

To propose an intensive and enjoyable training we try to focus on different skill groups in our academy. So our Training is organized in the following parts described here bellow.

Parkour Session Logo Transparent

In our Parkour session, depending on the group, you’ll learn the basics of parkour and how to overcome obstacles in an efficient and creative way. The parkour session focuses on adaptation to the obstacles, strength improvement, explosive power, and endurance.


Our training starts with a warmup and basic skill revision, afterwards, we move on to so-called “parkour station”. Were the Traceur will train in a group different skills, like climb up, swing, precision jump, vaults and so on. Please consider that the training may change for every month

To maintain a balance between intensive and free training (see the next part), “intensive” parkour sessions will only be offered during the week.

Airstrick Session Logo Transparent

Our Airtrick session also known ass our free training session, will give the Traceurs the possibility to train on our own Airtrick.

The Airtrick session starts with a warm-up and some small exercises, afterwards the Traceurs will have around 40 mins of freetraining. During that period they can work on flips on our Airtrick or still work on their parkour skills. Some small stations will be installed by our Trainers, where they can chose to participate.

Please consider that the training may change for every month

On the airtrick you will learn, basic flips like, the frontflip, backflip, sideflip. Feel free to ask our Trainers for help! You should not be limited by the basic flips, you are always invited to bring your own ideas of flip

To maintain a balance between intensive and free training, the Airtrick session  (Free training)  will only be proposed during the weekend.

Paintime Logo Transparent

The most wanted time! 

Paintime will be done after each session whether Parkour or Airtrick session. The main focus of the Paintime is to strengthen our body, so after a session, the Traceurs will have around 10 to 15 minutes of exercise. Our focus here is the Upperbody, by doing exercises like plank, crunches, pushups, squats, and so on. One exercise we introduced in our academy is the bring it up challenge also known ass “bring sally up” (You may google it ;)).  

After this awesome time together, we finish the session with some stretching.

What to wear? 

  • Comfortable sports or running shoes (don’t specifically need to be gym shoes, the grip also might not be good). 
  • Comfortable jogging or shorts, t-shirt or tank top


Our Training sessions are in Remerschen Hal situated at 29 Waistrooss, 5440 Remerschen

You can find us on google maps!