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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age required to participate is 8 years. Additionally, the registration form on our website must be filled out and the membership fee must be paid.

Visit the link www.kpa.lu/training for more information about our regular parkour classes.

No, no Summercamp is planned for this summer

Adults can participate in any class that suits their experience. In addition, we will organise special parkour workshops for adults in the future.

No, the registration will open on the 12th of September, no waiting list is currently required.

Yes, please contact info@kpa.lu if you want to watch or participate in one of our training sessions.

If you have any trouble finding the group that fits best for you, feel free to contact info@kpa.lu

As soon as you fill out the registration form on our website and pay the membership fee, you will be insured on our training. During trial sessions you are not insured. An Luxemburgish Social Security Number/”Matricule” is needed for the registration

We recommend wearing comfortable sportswear such as joggers, a t-shirt and sports or running shoes.

Yes, we have one important rule which should always be respected. Never compare yourself to others and always be the best version of yourself! 

29 Waistrooss, 5440 Remerschen

More information on our website: www.kpa.lu/training/

Yes, when the weather allows it, we sometimes spontaneously decide to train outdoors, next to our gym in Remerschen.

Yes, search for @kaizenparkouracademy on Instagram and Facebook to find us!

Yes we do! You can book us for shows, workshops (for birthdays, events,…) and commercials. You can find more information about booking us on our website.

You can contact us through email or social media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/KaizenParkourAcademy

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kaizenparkouracademy/

Email: info@kpa.lu







If you’re visiting our classes, buying merch or even thinking about sponsoring us – we’re thankful for every bit of support we receive!

If you want to support us in any way you can write us an email at info@kpa.lu