To keep you fit and healthy during quarantine we upload challenges, recipes, exercises and much more for you regularly here on our website! Also, we want you to let us know how you stay active and in motion during these times. SEND US a video of you trying our challenges, a picture of you training or maybe a text with your secret about staying active at home so we can publish it on our website and social networks (Instagram & Facebook)! (You will find some videos here below)



For everyone

What you need: Your body and a wall

Difficulty: Beginners Challenge: Choose a wall you want to run up. Smaller walls with a rough surface are usually the easiest to climb. Please only choose walls you know how to climb down again. First, you have to learn to run-up. Choose the foot that will touch the wall first. David uses his right foot as you can see in the video. This foot will transfer the speed and momentum from the approach run into height. Concentrate on pushing yourself up and not away from the wall. Try this a few times until you gain enough height to grab the top of the wall. Pull yourself up while pushing with your feet. Important: try to use your elbows and knees as little as possible when you climb a wall! #kaizenparkouracademy #kpa #luxembourg #remerschen #lockdown


For everyone

What you need: Your Body and your mind. Challenge some Friends to do it with you

Difficulty: Medium
Challenge: You start from diamond pushups, jump into regular pushups then jump into wide pushups. Repeat this as often as you can


For everyone

What you need: Your Body and your mind. Challenge some Friends to do it with you

The KPA is back with the lockdown challenges!
How many can you do? Send a video of you doing the challenge 😁 watch until the end for an easier variation💪

Last one planking

For everyone

What you need: Your Body and your mind. Challenge some Friends to do it with you

For this particular challenge you start with holding a plank for 20 seconds. The following day you do the plank again and you add 10 seconds to it. (e.g. 20 seconds on day one, 30 seconds on day 2 etc. ) We recommend you doing two rest days a week. This challenge helps you to push yourself to your limits and to get to know them!

KPA coaches: We started with 20 seconds and chose wednesday and saturday as rest days.

Benefits of this challenge: Read here

Trampoline Challenge

For intermediate/advanced

What you need: a trampoline

For this challenge, try to connect the basic flips in this order: backflip -> sideflip -> frontflip

If that is too easy then try to change the order. Feel free to add other flips.

Have fun trying new flips!


For everyone
What you need: The only thing you need is a ball (tennisball is enough).

The goal in this challenge is to do the pistol squat while juggling the ball without losing your balance. 

If done, try to do the squats as slow as possible or even with another ball, like a basketball.

Good luck!

The power of creativity

For everyone
What you need: only your body

Simply start by doing a move, it does not matter which one you choose. Then, spontaneously add new ones until you do not know what new things to add anymore! And done. Now you know how to create a flowy line in a matter of seconds and without any equipment at all!


For Beginners and Intermediate
What you need: A blanket or (yoga-) mat

Because we don’t want you to lose the technique during the quarantine, try to practice these at least 2 times a week. As a beginner you should use something soft to roll on (blanket,…), for the intermediate it is optional.
Start rolling slow. When you feel comfortable, increase the speed by taking a few steps or even run before you do the roll. When this works out too, switch to diverolls. You can see on the slow-motion video that you usually don’t touch the ground for a moment during the diveroll. The longer this moment is, the bigger is your diveroll.
Take something to diveroll over and replace it with a larger object when you feel comfortable.

Paper sheet

For Everyone
What you need:  A piece of paper and stretchy pants

Fold the paper in half and place it in front of you on the ground. Now, your goal is to pick it up with your mouth without using your hands or bending your knees. And done!

Did you complete the challenge? Send us a video!

The Book Challenge

(Book Plank Variations) For Everyone
What you need: one or more books

Start with getting into the cat/cow pose and place a book on your back. Then, get into the regular plank position with the palm of your hands on the ground. The goal is to first do a push up, then get on your elbows and hold the plank as long as possible. After that, stand up so you are standing in an “L” position. That’s how you complete the challenge. Of course, you have to balance the book(s) on your back and never let them drop.

To make it harder, simply add as many books as you like.

T-Shirt Challenge

For Everyone
What you need: A wall and a t-shirt

Stand in front of a wall with your back facing the wall. Then, place the t-shirt right in front of your feet. Put your hands next to the t-shirt and carefully walk up the wall with your feet to reach the handstand position. Now your goal is to pu on the t-shirt without leaving the handstand position!

Variation for Intermediate and Advanced
If this is too easy for you, try the same challenge with your back facing the wall during the handstand position! You’ll notice the difference.
Don’t forget to send your tries or even own challenges to us so we can repost it.