The Kaizen Parkour Academy held a variety of courses, workshops and shows all across the country by working together with different kinds of organisations such as Télévie, PKLux, Lunex, Schengen Lyzeum Perl & many more. In addition we have created a publicity for the hair salon “LaCoiffe”, Mode & Fashion Shop Elisa and Desperado.

During the courses we try to teach you the fundamental movements of the sport. These include basic movements like how to properly overcome obstacles and how to properly fall for example. Our teachings follow a step by step plan on how to progress in the sport. The difficulty of the classes is adapted to the level of the participants.

Thus far we have organised different kind of workshops:

  • Flip session
  • 8-10 years
  • 30+ years
  • For everyone

We organised a lot of shows since 2016 in collaboration with PKLux. During the shows we demonstrate what the human body is capable of through years of training.

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