LXPE, short for Luxembourg Parkour Events, is a unique venture that finds its roots intertwined with the rich legacy of the Kaizen Parkour Academy (KPA). Our story begins with a passion for Parkour and a desire to explore the endless possibilities it offers.


The main idea behind LXPE was to promote Parkour in a distinct way, one that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of giving classes, workshops or shows. While KPA is one big piece of the heart of Parkour in Luxembourg, focusing primarily on workshops, classes, and performances, the need arose for a dedicated sub-association to bring Parkour to life through events.

This led to the birth of LXPE, a subsidiary of KPA, created to organize and host Parkour events that would showcase the true essence of this discipline. While LXPE and KPA are distinct entities, they share a deep bond and a common goal of preserving the Parkour spirit and family that everyone knows and loves.

The KPA with LXPE isn’t just a partnership, it’s a synergy of two forces working together. While LXPE may develop its independence in the future, it will forever remain closely connected to the KPA. LXPE will always prioritize KPA for events, and their shared values will continue to guide both organizations.