On the 05.05.2019 the Synergy a.s.b.l. invited the KPA, PKLux and Energy Of Life to the LUXEXPO. It was the first time all three Parkour clubs in Luxembourg would meet. People could visit the event to just watch a show or to even participate in a workshop. It was a great experience, yogis, parkour athletes, football freestylers, dancers and many more different people were sharing their knowledge with eachother.

Tageblatt Link: https://www.tageblatt.lu/nachrichten/luxemburg/breakletics-und-die-stillen-krieger-der-bewegung-in-luxemburg/

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New COVID Rules November

Wéins den néie Covid-Mesuren am Sport musse mir eisen Training upassen: 1.) Wa manner wei 10 Leit an der Hal sinn gellt keng Maskepflicht. 2.)

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Du bass de veräin gëff Benevole

Le mouvement sportif luxembourgeois repose pour la plus grande partie sur des structures non- professionnelles et sur le bénévolat, et sans l’engagement de nombreux bénévoles,

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Season 2021-2022

It’s finally time again. Our Training starts on September 21 (Tuesdays). Each group (except Beginners Kids) will have practice twice a week. Training times can