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About ME

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Born in Luxembourg in 2001
Parkour and Freerunning Athlete
Certified Parkour Coach by
Président of the Kaizen Parkour Academy


One of the most known female parkour athletes in her country. Her unique style and many different skills often cause admiration amongst the audience. As a certified parkour coach, she knows how to organize workshops and share her knowledge with children, teenagers and adults.

Emilie discovered her passion for the art of motion from early age on. Whilst experimenting with different kinds of sports she found out about Parkour and Freerunning at the age of 11. Through regular training sessions she quickly gained new skills.

During the following years, she started sharing her knowledge with other people and finally found her passion for teaching in 2018, when she started giving classes in a sports club. Apart from those classes, she is frequently asked for different workshops and shows for all kind of events (Télévie, Nuit du Sport,…) all across the country. 

“As one of only a few female athletes practicing Parkour in Luxembourg, it was sometimes hard to keep up with everybody else. But with the right amount of training, enough motivation and of course the right people around me it was clear to me I would stick to Parkour for a long time.”

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

More Facts About ME

” Being a parkour athlete means much more than just practicing an urban sport. It means seeing the environment differently, like it was a huge playground with new things to explore every day. It is about finding joy in the smallest of things, overcoming fears and (often mental) challenges. It is about being the best version of oneself, but also about helping others when they want to learn something new. It is about seeing what the human body is capable of, and how these capabilities can be expanded progressively with every new challenge conquered and every new goal set. It is a way of life.”

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