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About ME

David Parkour park


Born in Luxembourg in 1999
Parkour and Freerunning Athlete
Certified Parkour Coach by
Member of the Executive Board of the FLGYM
Secrétaire of the Kaizen Parkour Academy
Computer Scientist (BINFO)
MICS student at the University of Luxembourg
First Aid Diploma


Since he was a kid, David has always been fascinated by the big world of sports. By playing football, table tennis, badminton and basketball he gained experience and skills in many different areas. Football was one of the sports that fascinated him the most between the years 2009 and 2014, but after changing the club several times he started to realize the football-spirit was not quite what he wanted. He decided to quit football while leaving behind some beautiful memories.

After a long break, he discovered Parkour and Freerunning through his friends and immediately fell in love with the urban sport. His coach, Stéphane Crichton, pushed everyone to his limits both mentally and physically. This led him to realize what potential he had and wanting to use it as much as possible.

David invested more and more time in his new passion and tried to promote Parkour as much as he could in Luxemburg. That’s why he joined the committee of the club he was training at (Cercle de Gymnastique de Remich – Kaizen Parkour Academy).

When he felt ready to share the knowledge he gained over the years with others, he decided to switch from the student role to coaching others – together with Émilie and Yannick he started organizing the training sessions at the Kaizen Parkour Academy.

With the rising effort David and the others put into the Kaizen Parkour Academy, it gained more and more weight in Luxembourg and gathered a lot of attention in the country and the Luxembourgish parkour community.

To continue the journey, David joined the executive board of the FLGYM (Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Gymnastique) with the intention to organize a Parkour coaching license in Luxembourg and to represent the community on the 9th of March 2019.

“Parkour taught me dealing with fear and mental/physical limits. It showed me how to improve myself progressively through every challenge. I learned to share and to see the world with different eyes.”

Today, as an experienced and certificated parkour coach, he still loves teaching others and sharing his knowledge. He cannot wait to see on which adventures his passion will lead him next.

“It’s not about being the best, but about doing his best” – “Être fort pour être utile

More Facts About ME

” Being a parkour athlete means much more than just practicing an urban sport. It means seeing the environment differently, like it was a huge playground with new things to explore every day. It is about finding joy in the smallest of things, overcoming fears and (often mental) challenges. It is about being the best version of oneself, but also about helping others when they want to learn something new. It is about seeing what the human body is capable of, and how these capabilities can be expanded progressively with every new challenge conquered and every new goal set. It is a way of life.”

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