Welcome to our Academy!

About Parkour

Parkour also called „Art du déplacement“ is a method of movement, to move from a Point A to a Point B as fast and efficiently as possible. During the training you are constantly facing new challenges and obstacles which help you grow beyond your limits.

Through the various movements, you get to find out what your body is capable of, which might even exceed your own expectations. Being a parkour athlete means much more than just practicing an urban sport. It means seeing the environment differently, like it was a huge playground with new things to explore every day.

Our motto and golden rule: Never compare yourself to others, always be the best version of yourself!


The term Kaizen comes from the Japanese. It consists of 

  • Kai = change / transformation
  • Zen = for the better 


Kaizen refers to a Japanese philosophy of life and work and a methodological concept that focuses on the pursuit of continuous and infinite improvement.


This trend type sport is for all ages and levels. Whether beginner or professional, young or old: Anyone who enjoys moving is welcome to join us and our community.

We’re more then a community we’re one big family!